About Studio Saina

For art lovers, world travellers and seekers of the beautiful and unique, Studio Saina marries the rich artistic style of Persia with the finest UK craftsmanship. Each piece is a celebration of art and beauty; behind every design a rich cultural and artistic history.

Persian Art & Heritage

Award winning designer Hamed Arab translates his Persian heritage into unique and modern jewellery.
Inspired by Persian depictions of paradise, Studio Saina tells a story of wonderous nature and lush gardens.

Drawing upon the talents of master artists and designers, Hamed transforms the traditional art of Iran into glorious jewellery for all occasions.

Fine British Craftsmanship

Crafted in the UK, Studio Saina marries modern production techniques with traditional craftsmanship.
The colour of paradise is brought to life with precious gemstones set in sustainable 18ct gold and beautiful sterling silver.

"Making beautiful artworks that bring joy to the wearer is one of the things I love most about designing jewellery. Through jewellery I share my dreams, my passion and my heritage. I love creating pieces that become a part of people's lives.”